Jardur incorporates all of the advancements in materials, manufacturing methods, and design features which comprise state-of-the-art watchmaking.

Aviation History

In the late 1930's, Jardur distributed its watches and navigational flight plotters exclusively to the military through post exchanges and ships stores, clear evidence that the Jardur watch company regarded their watches as professional tools.

The Jardur watch company was started  in New York City N.Y. in 1937. Owner Samuel Klepper was a pilot and the watches he designed were for a special class of users for whom the management of time was an important element of their profession.

Aviation Precision

Jardur is proud to support both the precision aerobatic demo team "Aerostars" and Neptune Aviation, the most reliable and innovative aerial firefighting company in the nation.

Aviation Support

The original Bezelmeter 960 for example, was designed for pilots. It was essentially a cockpit instrument for the wrist. Two features incorporated in the design give clear evidence of this intent. The bezel on the case is an independent chapter ring graduated in counter clockwise hours. Rotating the ring to align the mission duration hours with the hour hand on the dial at take off gives the pilot a quick reference of the flight time remaining during any point in the mission.