The black leather and white stitching strap gives off the unmistakable look of an aviator watch. Both strap and buckle have been carefully embossed with the company name. Simple refinement.   

Jardur Degreemeter $3,600.00 

The dual directional independent chapter ring is graduated in counter clockwise hours.  Rotating the ring to align the missions duration hours with the hour hand on the dial at take off gives the pilot a quick reference of flight time remaining during any point in the mission. 

The Self-Winding (Automatic) Valjoux (ETA) 7750 has been in wide use since 1970 by many brand manufactures and has demonstrated robust, failure-free performance.

At 44mm in diameter and 16mm thick, the visual acuity of this piece increases by 20% in the dial area from the old classic at 38mm.